VISA Travel Cards

What are VISA Travel Cards?

VISA Travel Cards are reusable cards that you load a specified amount of funds to and can be used anywhere with the VISA logo. They are a more secure method of payment because they are not linked directly to your account, and you can manage how much funds are on the card at a time.

They are available for purchase at Affinity First FCU. After the purchase of the card, you are able to visit us to reload funds to the card. You can also visit the CUMONEY website or download the CUMONEY Mobile App to reload funds on your own and access other card features.

With the CUMONEY Mobile App you will have the ability to:

  • Use your debit/credit card to load more funds to your travel card (funds available immediately)
  • Use check deposits (you will have the option of choosing to have the funds available immediately for a small fee or wait for the regular check clearing time frame)
  • Schedule a one time future reload or recurring reloads that can go out as far as six (6) months in advance

Call or visit Affinity First FCU if you have further questions or to purchase your travel card today!

To download the app, go to your app store and search: CUMONEY Mobile App

CUMONEY Website: