Scam Alert

Local law enforcement has alerted financial institutions that over the past six months, the United States has been hit with a scam called “Felony Lane Gang.”

Here is how the scam works: Suspects are breaking into vehicles in parking lots, many times, health club facilities are targeted. They are looking for cash, credit cards, checkbooks, and IDs. They will write out checks from one stolen checkbook to the name of one of their other victims where they have that victim’s bank information and ID. They will then take that check to that victim’s financial institution with their ID, pick a far lane in the drive through, and try to cash that check. It appears the suspects may be wearing wigs to match the color and style of the victim pictured on the ID. In many cases, they remove their front license plate making it more difficult to obtain vehicle information through bank video.

Tips to help avoid becoming a victim of this scam:

  • Do not leave your purse/wallet in your vehicle, whether it is locked or not
  • Be sure to monitor your account daily
  • Be sure to balance your checkbook, making sure all checks are accounted for
  • Keep a secure record of the contents of your wallet; ie credit cards, ID cards, etc. Remove those items that are not necessary
  • If you do become a victim of this or other scams, be sure to contact local law enforcement and notify your financial institution as soon as possible