Backpack Buddies

Affinity First will be collecting food in our lobby for Backpack Buddies from September 16th through September 27th.

Suggested items for donation:
-Kraft Mac n Cheese, 4-pk 2.05-oz individual bowls
-Pizza Sauce, 15-oz plastic bottle
-Pepperoni Pouches, 3.5-oz
-Fruit Cups, 4-pk individual fruit bowls (Peaches, mandarin oranges, pineapple, pear, mixed fruits)
-Vegetable Cups, 4-pk 4-oz individual cups (Beans, corn, peas)
-Fiber One or Nature Valley Protein Bars
-Unsweetened Applesauce, 6-pk 6-oz individual cups
-Tuna Pouch
-Peanut Butter, 16-oz plastic bottle
-Jelly, 20-oz plastic bottle (Strawberry or grape)

Visit or call us if you have any questions! 701-857-5541