Primary Shares


This is our membership account. Your $30 minimum deposit makes YOU a part-owner of Affinity First.

An ATM card is available with this account.


Secondary Shares


If you just want to split up your savings for different goals, this account is for you.


Money Market


Tiered interest rate based on how much is in the account. Minimum balance of $1000.


Christmas Club


High interest rate account pays out in October to help you pay for Christmas presents.




Children up to the age of 10 only have a $10 minimum account balance (replaces primary shares)




Ages 10-18 only have a $15 minimum account balance (replaces primary shares)


Vintage Club


Tiered savings account for ages 55+ receives greater dividends than a regular money market. Minimum balance of $1000.


IRA Shares


Available for Roth or Traditional IRA accounts.


Certificates of Deposit


Term and rates vary. Available for regular savings or IRA accounts.



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