Primary Shares


This is our membership account. Your $30 minimum deposit makes YOU a part-owner of Affinity First.

An ATM card is available with this account.


Secondary Shares


If you just want to split up your savings for different goals, this account is for you.


Money Market


Tiered interest rate based on how much is in the account. Minimum balance of $1000.


Christmas Club


High interest rate account pays out in October to help you pay for Christmas presents.




Children up to the age of 10 only have a $10 minimum account balance (replaces primary shares)




Ages 10-18 only have a $15 minimum account balance (replaces primary shares)


Vintage Club


Tiered savings account for ages 55+ receives greater dividends than a regular money market. Minimum balance of $1000.


IRA Shares


Available for Roth or Traditional IRA accounts.


Certificates of Deposit


Term and rates vary. Available for regular savings or IRA accounts.



Click here to check out our savings account rates.


Check Blanks


Reorder your checks online here.


Checking Account


No minimum balance or monthly fees! This is your everyday, hardworking checking account.


Trinichecking Account


Pays interest with minimum balance of $2500.


Debit Cards


Visa debit card available with checking accounts.


If you are traveling and planning on using an Affinity First debit card, please let us know! For your protection against fraudulent activity, we have foreign country transactions blocked as well as the states of California, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Georgia and Louisiana. If you are planning to travel to these areas, let us know and we can lift the restrictions for the duration of your travels.




Add Round-Up to your debit card to automatically save money. Every time you make a purchase with your Affinity First FCU Debit Card, we’ll “Round Up” your purchase to the next whole dollar amount. The amount in excess of the purchase price is transferred from your checking to the savings account of your choice.


Lost/Stolen Cards


To report a lost or stolen Affinity First credit or debit card, call us at 1-701-857-5541 or toll-free at 1-800-617-2363. If there have been fraudulent transactions on your account, we will also take care of the claim process for you.

Mobile & Online Access

Mobile App


With our FREE mobile app, your accounts are at your fingertips, 24/7! The app is available for download on Apple or Android devices. Affinity First's app allows you to transfer funds, research transactions and even deposit checks remotely! Find us in the App Store today!


Remote Check Deposit


Can't make it to the Credit Union to deposit your checks today? No problem! Try out our free mobile app service; remote check deposit. This service allows you to remotely deposit checks into your checking account. Look for the camera icon on your mobile app to give it a try!


CU Connect


View your balances and transfer funds 24/7! Our online access gives you the convenience of managing your finances whether we are open or not. Keep up-to-date on what is clearing your account by looking at your transaction history online.


External Transfers - Money Movers


External transfers allows you to transfer money from your account at Affinity First to your account at another financial institution, or vice versa, via an ACH transaction. External transfers also allows you to make person to person transfers. Person to person transfers allow you to send or receive money from a friend and all you need to know is their phone number or email address! Members can use this service within CU Connect or from the Mobile App.




With e-statements you can view and print your statement online. Statements are available immediately after month-end – No more waiting for it to come in the mail!




No need to write paper checks with our online bill-pay. Enter your account information and we will send a check for you on the day of your choosing! You can set up recurring payments or change the dollar amount every month.


Debit Card Alerts

Debit card alerts allow you to receive a text or email alerting you to certain transactions that are authorized on your debit card. Click on the below URL to sign up for this FREE service.



Benefits & Services

Payroll deductions


Do you want part of your paycheck to go to savings, a loan payment, or maybe toward your child’s allowance? We can split your direct deposit up the way you want it.


Wire Transfers


To send a wire transfer to your account at Affinity First Federal Credit Union use the following instructions:


Wire to: Bank of North Dakota
Routing # 091300285


Further Credit to: Affinity First Federal Credit Union
Routing #291378897


Final Credit to: Member’s Name & Account Number


Gift Card


Visa Gift cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Load money onto the card and give it to someone special!


Reloadable Card


Reloadable Visa cards are great for protecting your checking account if you are shopping online or as an alternative to a debit card if you do not qualify for a checking account.


Safe Deposit


Keep your valuables safe in one of our safe deposit boxes. All boxes are large enough to fit legal-size paper and are charged to your account annually.


Small Boxes: 3”x10” - $25/year

Medium Boxes: 5”x10” - $30/year

Large Boxes: 10”x10” - $50/year


Notary Public services


Money Orders & Cashier’s Checks


Books of Stamps


Discount Car Washes


Need a place to have your car or truck washed? Consider choosing from one of the two local stations:


Simonsons Station Stores "Blue Wash"

 1310 South Broadway, Minot, ND 58701


Toads Ride 'N' Shine "The Works Wash"

 1105 South Broadway, Minot, ND 58701


Affinity First will sell you your ticket to a clean car in advance and at a discounted price.




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